Rocket Boys the musical


“…one of the nation’s most promising musicals… a timeless theme of a young man in search of his father's attention… dialogue, even song lyrics, coming directly from the author’s words… this year’s TWV production is fresh, with the addition of some new songs and/or lyrics to the show’s already acclaimed score… it would hard to pick a favorite among the musical numbers! …The perfect extension of Hickam’s work… sure to inspire kids everywhere, as well as exhilarating even the hardest of adult hearts.”

Rocket Boys pulls you into the action and quickly invests you in the characters with a passion rarely seen… punctuated with bright and intelligent humor… No character here is a 'throwaway' secondary role… each song is memorable… Rockets Boys makes science fun, human, and…cool. I have no doubt at all that it will premiere and succeed!”

“The opening number, aptly titled 'Coalwood', has lyrics so perfect they must be heard to be believed… composer/lyricists Diana Belkowski and Dan Tramon give us lyrics that mean something, lyrics that advance the plot… set to a score that sticks with you long after you leave the theater… Lessons are learned throughout the course of Rocket Boys The Musical… about integrity, morality and, yes, 'All Kinds of Love'.”

Rocket Boys is simply great theater, with a tremendous message… To be offered the opportunity to produce this show… is a chance of a lifetime and an extreme honor.”

“…A beautiful piece of work that touches the power of the individual and the majesty of the universal in the same gesture…”

“…Funny, yet deeply moving… something everyone can relate to… the message of inspiration and hope…”